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Battery tactical flashlight, longest runtime in the series, M-FORCE 3.1

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Run time 6 h

Light output [lm] 250

Light source Luxeon TX 

Power 3 × AAA 

Beam distance [m] 170

Weight [g] 157

Dimensions [mm] 32 × 118

The M-Force 3.1 out sprints the competition in the runtime race, putting in a marathon performance for a full 6 hours on 3 × AAA batteries. With its quality, full accessories, and exceptional operational life, the M-Force 3.1 sets the competitive pace for weapon mounted tactical lights.



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Run Time 100 % - 6 h
Light Output [lm] 250
LED Luxeon™ TX Biały LED
Type of Power Supply Battery
Compatible Batteries 3 × AAA (R06)
Beam Distance [m] 170
Weight [g] 157
Dimensions [mm] ø 32 x 118
Light Intensity [cd] 7 400
Water Resistance IPX4
Fokus No
Shock Resistant [m] 2
Feature Flashlight
3 x AAA battery
Picatinny mount
Remote pressure switch