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10 lipiec 2020

Do you often wonder what you spend the money earned on? Remember that their value is never constant. It is influenced by inflation, which, as a phenomenon in the economy, accompanies us every day and means a percentage increase in prices in the economy - most often in a comparative perspective of one year to the previous one. It means that for a shopping basket worth one year PLN 100, the next we will have to pay more accordingly. Then, having still the same amount of PLN 100 available, we will be forced to give up some products or spend more to get them to our pantry. If inflation is steadily rising, in a few years this same basket of products will dangerously become empty, and this will translate into our standard of living in the face of the need to spend more money on necessary products.
Even if prices rise, it is worth investing in Polish products in particular. The money then remains in domestic circulation in the form of taxes and measures helping native companies grow. It is thanks to our daily shopping needs that new jobs are created every day to produce the desired products. Of course, we have no single influence on stopping unfavorable inflation, but as a whole of consumers, we can make sure that the money spent primarily feeds the Polish economy and Polish companies. Let's help them calmly look to the future, plan development and investments, and hire new employees to more precisely adapt to our consumer needs.