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14 luty 2020

Tactical and headlight

A soldier should always have a minimum of two light sources: a tactical flashlight and a headlamp. - Tactical flashlight is needed for obvious reasons, especially in night activities. The headlamp, on the other hand, gives the soldier freedom of movement with his arms, when the light source does not require being held in his hand, and is mounted on the helmet - explains the senior ensign. So if you want to be ready for everything, think about several types of flashlight.

An example of a tactical flashlight that can be successfully used as a hand-held flashlight by any user is Night Hunter 02, nomen omen favorite border guard flashlight. - The power of light 915 lm will blind each opponent, and thanks to the focus function (adjusting the width of the light beam) will illuminate the road even at a distance of 391 m - says the expert.

In turn, the excellent headlamp with the possibility of attaching to a helmet is Nomad 03, equipped with a main diode and additionally a red indicator light. - It can work for up to 10 days, it is waterproof, has an adjustable beam and light color. An interesting fact is that it meets the requirements set out in the instructions on performing night skydiving - adds Andrzej Wojtusik.

Red vs. green

The tactical lighting features laser pointers of various colors, often with a built-in laser pointer. What is the difference? The expert replies: - Comparing the two colors of these laser pointers in daylight conditions in strong sunlight, the color visibility is definitely favorable in terms of visibility.

Here is the experience from the shooting range: - With the Streamlight TLR 2 HL (red) and TLR 2 HL G (green) torches in hand, we choose the laser pointer operating mode.
We set ourselves towards the targets in accordance with the firing direction on the given axis (up to 100 m). Then we point the laser points in a visible place on the ground straight ahead. Now slowly move them as far apart as possible. After some time of moving these two points we will find that as the distance increases, the visibility of red decreases in favor of green - says Andrzej Wojtusik from Mactronic.

Road geometry

According to the ordinance of the minister of infrastructure of July 2003, flashlights for stopping vehicles should emit red light. The shape of the luminous surface should be compact and have one of the basic geometric figures - a circle, square, rectangle, triangle or trapezoid.

It is clear from the above-mentioned curiosities that light has long played a very important role in the activities of uniformed services. Tactical flashlights, which are an inseparable element of the soldiers' equipment, are of particular importance, and they will certainly be useful to you. Their key features are a high degree of water resistance and mechanical strength, very light power and range and the ability to adjust the focus of the beam. Such equipment will not disappoint you in the most difficult conditions.