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28 lipiec 2020

Good because it's Polish! And at the same time tailored to you. Why is it worth trusting local manufacturers of technical devices?

Let's support the Polish economy by buying food from domestic farms, local plants and processing plants - how often we hear similar calls, especially in the time of the economic crisis that fell on us during the developing pandemic. These kinds of ideas are the salt of many social programs and campaigns. Messages promoted by state authorities, trade unions, domestic retail chains, and finally by the influencers themselves, more and more efficiently reach a wide audience. There is a lot of economic pragmatics in this approach, and Polish consumer patriotism is doing better and better, but have you noticed that these activities primarily relate to food products? We buy them regularly, usually in large quantities, we often perfectly remember the permanent place on the shelf of the products we are interested in. The so-called food gives us automatism, sometimes our brain does not register all the stages accompanying the purchasing process. What about more expensive products, not included in the group of so-called fast moving consumer goods, which usually serve us for years? Of course, the same principle works here, but the list of benefits is even longer. Let's look at it in detail, and as an example, let's use a product that brings shine and light into our everyday life. Yes, you guessed it - let's check the benefits of using a Polish manufacturer's flashlight.

Your contribution to building the economy

However, before we delve into the bright world of lighting, let's look at it from a different angle. Each of us has an impact on the GDP growth rate of the Polish economy. We spend money when making a transaction. Each of them involves the payment of VAT, which goes directly to the budget. The more transactions are made, the more money circulates in the economy and drives the flywheel of the home market. Hence, it is so important that funds do not escape from Polish circulation. The process of producing goods domestically would not be possible without gathering resources. They are tools and machines, raw materials, materials, and finally people gifted with know how to process them. For all of these

items have to be paid and obtaining them drives a whole chain of separate transactions. Investments in Polish products allow companies to develop. In this way, they acquire new technologies, employ more highly qualified employees and constantly push forward.

Native technical thought

Polish flashlights, even if produced abroad, are born in the country. It is here that, based on the knowledge of the market realities, strict criteria are to be met by the product in order to properly serve the buyer. It pays off knowing your clients, their working conditions, continuous contact and collecting change recommendations. Thanks to the cooperation of Polish brands with customers, it is still possible to develop a wide range of flashlights. In addition, the equipment is made using industrial design. Technical projects are created, tests are carried out in university laboratories, and patent rights are consulted. These are steps of great importance - they make sure that the structure we receive meets our expectations. What's more, the goods from overseas do not have the Polish menu language, the messages on the display are in a foreign language, and they contain not very comprehensive, untranslated operating instructions. In this field, the advantage of domestic production and creating documents from scratch by a specialized department is again revealed.

You will appreciate the after-sales service

Technique - a dead thing. And it can break! It's not a problem when it comes to a rather minor fault, but what about situations where there was a more serious failure or we damaged the product during use? In such circumstances, the advantages of purchasing goods from a company based in Poland are revealed. If the product was still covered by a warranty, we can sleep in peace. But even if its period is over, we will not be left solely on our own. Service technicians will gladly accept older goods to check the game soul and repair it. Usually, during such operations, the entire product is visually inspected, i.e. also elements that have not raised any objections so far. This allows other potentially impending faults to be eliminated. This is the same benefit for the product and its user. What's more, if we lose or destroy a small element of the flashlight or its accessories, the service gathers a lot of spare parts, we will gladly

will help you choose a replacement. The implementation of guarantees in Poland is a great convenience compared to products ordered directly in China. Even if we expect them to be covered, it is difficult to imagine the time, cost and potential complications of shipping goods to the other side of the world and back. Shipments disappear in space-time, are destroyed, and by sending a product with one defect, we can