§ 1. General

The policy and privacy and the use of cookies in the website https://mactronic.pl (hereinafter: “the Policy”) was created and accepted by Mactronic Group sp. z o.o.

The terms used in the Policy shall have the following meanings:

The website: https://mactronic.pl;

The user: an entity using the publicly available Website;

The owner: Mactronic Group Sp. z o.o., Stargardzka 4,54-156 Wrocław, 8970013266, 931589124;

The cookies: text files uploaded by the Website and saved on the User's terminal equipment that the User uses for browsing Internet websites. The files contain information required for the correct operation of the Website. Most usually, the cookies contain the domain name of the website they originate from, the duration of storage in the terminal equipment and the number;

In particular, the Policy aims to:

provide the Users with information on the use of cookies in the website, as required by legal regulations, including the Telecommunication Law;

ensure that the Users’ privacy is protected to the extent required by the standards and requirements in the valid legal regulations.

The User shall limit the collection and use of information about users to the minimal necessary extent in order to provide services for them.

In order to obtain the full access, via the Website, to the content and services offer by the User, the rules resulting from the Policy must be accepted.

Among else, the following legal regulations are applicable:

the act dated July 16, 2004 the Telecommunication Law (Journal of Laws 2017.1907, as later amended);

the act dated July 18, 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws 2017.1219, as later amended);

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Journal of Laws 119 of May 04, 2016), with Polish regulation on the protection of personal data.

§ 2. Protection of privacy and personal data

The data related to the Users are processed by the Owner pursuant to the legal regulations. The data of the Users acquired by the Owner are processed pursuant to the consent expressed by the User or the occurrence of another rationale giving the right to process the data according to the regulations, in particular the Regulation.

The Owner takes special care to protect the interest of individuals to whom the data pertain and in particular ensures that:

the data are processed legally, reliably and in a transparent manner for customers and other individuals to whom they apply;

the data are collected for specific, clearly indicated and legally justified purposes and not processed further in violation of these goals;

the data are adequate, relevant and limited as necessary to the goals for which they are processed;

the data are correct and updated as needed;

the data are stored in a form allowing the identification of the person to whom they apply, for a period that is no longer than necessary to fulfil the goals for which the data are processed;

the data are processed in a manner ensuring the adequate safety of personal data, including protection against unauthorised or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage, by means of adequate technical or organisational means.

The Owner applies adequate technical and organisational means to protect the processing of the personal data, relevant to the nature, extent, context and goals of processing and the risk of breach of the rights or freedom of natural persons.

The Owner strives to systematically modernise the IT, technical and organisational means of protection of the data. In particular, the Owner ensures updates to the IT protection means securing the data against viruses, unauthorised access and other risks stemming from the operation of the IT system and telecommunication networks.

The Owner provides every user who made their data available to the Owner the access to the data and ensures that other individuals to whom the data apply have the right to the following, subject to the valid legal regulations:

the right to withdraw the consent for processing the personal data;

the right to information about their personal data;

the right to control the processing of the data, including the right to supplement, update, correct and delete the data;

the right to object the processing or to limit the processing of the data;

the right to file complaints with a supervisory body and to use other legal remedies to protect their rights.

The Owner may process the personal data in an automated manner, including by profiling, subject to the rules specified in the Regulation. In such a case, the goal of the Owner's activities are marketing goals or the necessity to personalise messages sent to the users (including the adaptation of information to the User's needs or expectations). The User has the right to file a complaint against such processing of their data. The complaint may be expressed by sending a message to the Owner's e-mail address: bok@mactronic.pl.

The person with the access to the personal data processes them only pursuant to the Owner's authorisation or a personal data processing agreement and only at the Owner’s order.

§ 3. Cookies

The cookies identify the User, allowing to adjust the content of the website to their needs. By memorising the User’s preferences, cookies allow adequate customisation of the content targeted at the User, including the advertisements. The Owner uses cookies to ensure adequate level of convenience in using the website. The collected data are only used internally, to optimise the company's activities.

The cookies are used for:

adapting the website's content to the User's preferences;

optimising the use of the website, in particular to identify the User’s terminal equipment;

generating statistical data;

maintaining the User's session;

providing advertising content to the User.

The cookies may be placed in the website User's terminal equipment.

The collected data serve to monitor and examine how the Users use the website, in order to improve the operation of the website by ensuring a more efficient and problem-free navigation.

Please note that in certain cases, outside the Owner's control, the software installed by the User on the terminal equipment for browsing Internet websites (e.g. an Internet browser) introduces cookies that are stored in the User’s terminal equipment by default. The Users may change the cookies settings at any time. Among else, these settings may be changed to block automatic cookie settings or to inform about placing the cookies in the User's terminal equipment at every time. The related detailed information is available in the settings and help files of the software (the Internet browser).

The Users may deactivate or reactivate the option to collect cookies by changing the settings of the Internet browser.

Changing the settings constitutes an objection that may, in the future, cause difficulties in using the website. Fully deactivating the option to accept cookies does not mean it will be impossible to browse the website's content, except the content available only after logging in.

Failure to change the settings means that the data will be placed on the User's terminal equipment (the use of the website will automatically place the cookies on the User's terminal equipment).

The stored data placed on the User's terminal equipment do not alter its configuration or the software installed on it.

The information about cookies also apply to other, similar technologies used on the website.