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Mactronic’s history dates back to 1980’s, when Czesław Mocek created a company producing and selling flashlights. During the next 30 years the company became the largest Polish and one of the biggest European manufacturers of premium quality lighting equipment for professionals (law enforcement, first responders, military) and for household applications, tourists, DIY enthusiasts, cyclists, sports enthusiasts and other groups.

Since the very beginning the company has been aiming to provide innovative products of premium quality that are perfectly matched to various needs. The wide selection now covers over 500 models, with many flashlights being the company’s own industrial designs.

Each new model of a flashlight or a more advanced lighting system is created to best satisfy the users’ needs. This is why the company’s design team is one of its key departments, responsible for developing patented technological solutions.


Every year, we sell over 250.000 flashlights in Poland and abroad.

Our business partners come from European Union, among them Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Bulgaria, and also from outside EU, e.g. Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Lichtenstein, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia and New Caledonia.