Digital Night Vision Monocular 2x20

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Brand: Mactronic
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Digital night-vision monocular N-NVM-100V is a universal device created for night-time security work, patrol operations and detective duties, just as well as for trekking and hunting. Digital image amplification technology with 7 IR levels and manual focus allow the device to be perfectly fine-tuned to battle the darkness, regardless of weather conditions. The dual zoom is excellent for observing distant objects or accurate analysis of the finest details in close surroundings. A high-res TFT 1.5” screen makes using the monocular a pleasure, as the displayed images and the interface are easy on the eyes. The device only needs 6 AA batteries to work and can be operated with a single hand. The ergonomically shaped device is clad in rubber for convenient grip and quick retrieval. The battery chamber’s cover is secured against accidental release and also reinforces the device’s structure if it falls. The night vision monocular comes with a protective case and a wrist strap, to protect it against falling.



EVF mode

TFT Screen 1,5”
Aperture F1.4 with adjustable aperture - Day and Night dual mode
IR Cutter Automatic
Visual Distance 328 feet / 100 meters at night, 1312 feet 400 meters in the daylight
Object Lens Focus Manually adjustable
Visual Angle 10° degrees
Power Supply 6 x AA battery
Power Consumption 1.5W with IR LED on
Size 12,4 cm x 7,3 cm x 4,6 cm
Net Weight 175 g