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Dual purpose flashlight with UV and white LEDs, UV BEAM, 650 lm + UV 365 nm

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Run time 1 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 650 lm

Light source Cree XM-L U2 LED. UV 365 nm

Power 2 × CR123 / 18650 Li-ion

Beam distance [m] 335

Weight [g] 275

Dimensions [mm] 175 × 45 × 25

The Beam’s dual LED and UV light sources empower Specialists to do double duty with just one flashlight. The Cree ™ LED white light boasts 4 operational modes, from an enemy blinding 650 lms to a non-glare 130 lm and focus function for close-up work. Engage the 400 nm LED to detect leaks, spot counterfeit currency, verify document and even expose scorpions during desert missions for up to 7 hours. Available in both battery and rechargeable versions. The set includes a ProCap switch, which allows you to choose the operational mode of the flashlight before it starts working.



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