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Headlamp LED with cold and warm light, REBEL, 400 lm


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Run time up to 7 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 400

Light source 4 x Samsung 2835 Cool White LED/ 4 x Samsung 2835 WarmWhite / 1 x RED SMD LED

Power Battery 600mAh Li-ion

Charging time 2,5h -3h

Beam distance [m] 33

Weight [g] 34

Dimensions [mm] 40,9 x 34.5 x 29.9

Rebel knows no compromise and easily trumps heavier designs. The 34 g headlamp is an amazing tool for sportsmen, runners and climbers who want to curb the weight of their gear. Rebel is a trusty partner and will support you in achieving better and better results - no sore head, no additional weight in the backpack, no hindrance to your moves - just a perfect companion for long, demanding sessions. Providing 400 lumens and reaching up to 33 metres, it also boasts amazingly long operating time for its weight. The flashlight features 3 types of LEDs and allows the user to select the light’s colour temperature. Rebel can also produce red light and serve as a warning light when travelling on roads. The flashlight comes with a helmet mounting clip and the belt’s inner side has silicone stabilizers for better grip on smooth surfaces.


Czas pracy Światło ciepłe 400 lm - 2 h
Światło zimne 400 lm - 2 h
Światło zimne 230 lm - 3 h 45min
Światło ciepłe 204 lm - 3 h 45min
Światło czerwone 14 lm - 5 h 15 min
Światło ciepłe 40 lm - 7 h 30 min
Światło zimne 40 lm - 7 h 30 min
Światło zimne 22 lm - 13 h
Światło ciepłe 20 lm - 13 h 45min
Światło czerwone 1 lm - 36 h 30 min
Światło czerwone pulsacyjne
Światło czerwone SOS
Moc światła [lm] 400
Źródło światła 4 x Samsung 2835 Cool White SMDs LED / 4 x Samsung 2835 WarmWhite SMDs LED / 1 x Red SMD LED
Zasięg światła [m] 33
Rodzaj zasilania Akumulatorowe
Zasilanie Akumulator bateryjny ładowalny 600mAh Li-ion
Waga [g] 34
Wymiary [mm] 40,9 x 34,5 x 29,9 mm
Port ładowania MicroUSB
Dodatkowe właściwości Klips
Silikonowy pasek
Zestaw zawiera Latarka REBEL
Przewód USB - micro USB