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High CRI Penlight, 50 lm, SUNSCAN 5.1

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Code: PHH0031
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Run time 1 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 50 lm

Light source 95 CRI LED

Power 2 × 1.5 V AAA

Weight [g] 35 g

Dimensions [mm] 16.8 × 149 mm

The pen flashlight PHH0031 is a smart, handy tool for any daily task you might have. Lightweight (only 35 g), practical and damage resistant - fits in pockets, tool boxes and all sorts of personal carriers. It features adjustable focus so that the user can choose the optimal setting for their needs. The durable and well crafted housing guarantees long, trouble-free life.


Run Time 1 h 30 min
Light Output [lm] 50
Type of Power Supply Battery
Compatible Batteries 2 × AAA
Weight [g] 35
Dimensions [mm] 16.8 × 149
Fokus Yes
Water Resistance IP20