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Rechargeable headlamp including accessories

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Code: PHL0011
Brand: Mactronic
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Run time 5 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 300

Light source Luxeon T LED + 5mm Red LED

Power 3.7V 2000 MAH

Beam distance [m] 140

Weight [g] 185

Wymiar [mm] Lamp: 35 × 82 × 40 Battery Case: 50 × 83 × 45

The Ultimo lives up to its name with a light output of 300 lms and a beam distance of 140 m, providing handsfree illumination for up to 30 hours. A diffuser transforms the narrow spot beam into a floodlight for those wide interior jobs or indoor use. A built in red LED in the battery case gives your co-workers ample warning, preventing accidents in a crowded, dark worksite. The battery life indicator gives a timely warning for a quick charge via a USB cable. For additional comfort, a 1m extension cord enables you to place the battery pack remotely, especially helpful when the headlamp is attached to an accessorized helmet.