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Extremely durable hand-held rechargeable flashlight 280 lm

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time 5 h

Light output [lm] 280

Light source Cree XP-G2 LED

Power 4 × AAA/ 1.2V 800 mAh

Beam distance [m] 200

Weight [g] 166

Wymiar [mm] 165 × 35

The 280 lm Dura Light is just as rough and tough as its big brother and wrestles those jobs where weight and width are a worry. It tackles foul weather, water, mud and has your back without taking too much room in your pack. No more fumbles as the rubber coating on the robust polymer body provides a solid grip, even with frozen fingers in bulky gloves. High shock resistance protects the flashlight from damage. Monitor the runtime with the built-in battery life indicator. Quickly charge the batteries via USB, cable included. No socket no problem! Simply swap the rechargeable batteries with 4 AAA’s for long runtime in the field. Need a durable choice for years of dependable duty? The Dura Light does it!