LED Signal Light with USB-C charging port, 500 lm, Flagger

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time 2 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 500

Light source TG2 3535 LED + COB Red LED + COB Green LED

Power Li-poly Battery 3.7 V 1500 mAh

Charging time 3 h

Beam distance [m] 154

Weight [g] 109 g

Dimensions [mm] 107,5 x 47 x 36,5

The newest iteration of Mactronic Flagger now features solutions that further improve its ergonomics.

The flashlight can operate in three modes. The main LED, producing 500 lm, can illuminate objects even as far as 154 m away. The white LED can be managed using the ADS function - a stepless light adjustment system with an operating range from 150 to 500 lm. The red and green COB LEDs, used for signalling, are operated with two, independent switches. A great feature for traffic controlling applications.

The built-in lithium-polymer battery provides enough power for 15 hours of continuous operation. Flagger can be conveniently recharged via a USB-C socket. The light's compact size makes it much easier to install it in various positions. The lamp can be attached to any surface made of steel thanks to its strong magnet.

It is also equipped with a clip / hook for attaching to a belt, a pocket in your shirt or jacket, a great feature when performing inspections, repairs or general work in field conditions.

To answer our customers’ suggestions, Flagger now sports oil-proof buttons. Together with several installation options, they have turned the lamp into a trusted work partner.


White 500 lm - 2 h 30 min
150 lm - 6 h
Red Constant - 7 h 30 min
Flash - 15 h
Green Constant - 7 h 30 min
Flash - 15 h
Type of Power Supply Rechargeable | USB-C
Compatible Batteries Li-poly Battery 3.7 V 1500 mAh
Weight [g] 109
Dimensions [mm] 107, 5 x 47 x 36,5
Fokus No
Feature Signal Light Flagger
USB cord