Patrol Flashlight with Modular, Peripheral Charger, PATROL CHARGER+ PRO, 1000 lm

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time up to 9 h 30 min

Light output [lm] 1000

Light source Li-ion 3,7V 3350 mAh

Power Battery

Charging time 4-6 h

Beam distance [m] 278

Weight [g] 255

Dimensions [mm] 185 x 47 x 31

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a hardcoat anodized finish and securely sealed for an IP68 waterproof rating, the Patrol is your perfect partner while protecting the perimeter in extreme conditions. Attach an optional signal cone and transform the Patrol into an emergency signal wand to safely evacuate vehicles, people and even assist in aircraft landing.The pre-focused beam provides just enough diffusion without sacrificing spotlight, to illuminate both the target and surroundings. The Patrol’s hard-wearing rubber coating gives a sure grip in all conditions. Equipped with both a standard and a tactical switch, its quick and easy to cycle through the Patrol’s four operational modes. The charging station possesses extra LEDs that light up during a power failure, enabling fast retrieval in an emergency. 



Product line

Tactical Line


Run Time

BOOST 1000 lm - 1 min

HIGH 800 lm - 1 h 38 min

MEDIUM 350 lm - 3 h

LOW 100 lm - 9 h 30 min

Light Output [lm] 1000 - ANSI/FL1 compliant
Type of Power Supply Rechargeable
Compatible Batteries Rechargeable bettery Li-ion 3350 mAh
Beam Distance [m] 278
Weight [g] 255
Dimensions [mm] 185 × 47 × 31
Water Resistance IP68
Feature Flashlight PATROL CHARGER+ PRO
2 x Rechargeable battery
Charger 230V AC & 12V DC charger
Wall docking station
modular and perpheral charger
Charging time 230 V AC 100% 4-6 h
Charging time 2 x rechargeable bettery 230 V AC 100% 6-10 h