Rechargeable High Power Flashlight, 1100 lm, Blitz LR11

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time do 26 h

Light output [lm] 1100

Light source 1 × Cree™ XP-L HI WHITE LED

Power 1 × 7.4V 2600 mAh Li-ion Accu

Charging time 4 h

Beam distance [m] 1100

Weight [g] 685 g

Dimensions [mm] 90 × 265

The third flashlight in the Blitz series is a long-distance runner that can generate a max of 1,100 lumens with its Cree XP-L White LED. Blitz LR11 is a tactical flashlight with a specially designed reflector that can generate a 1,100 m long beam in Turbo mode. The other operating modes are High, Medium, Low and Flashing. The unit’s operating time is up to 8 hrs. The flashlight is highly waterproof, as confirmed by its IP67 rating. Blitz LR11 weighs 685 g (with the battery) and is 90 x 265 mm in size. It is available in a battery version, with 3 x C (R16) batteries, or as a rechargeable model (Li-Ion). The charging time is 4 hours. The flashlight sports a battery charge indicator and a ring protecting it from accidental activation and deactivation.


Run Time

TURBO (1100 lm) - 1 h 30min - 1100 m

HIGH (600 lm) - 8 h - 760 m

MEDIUM (350 lm) - 13 h - 620 m

LOW (100 lm) - 26 h - 315 m

FLASHING 8Hz - 8 h

Light Output [lm] 1100
Type of Power Supply Rechargeable
Compatible Batteries 1 × 7.4V 2600 mAh Li-ion Accu
Charging Time 230 AC 100% 4 h
Beam Distance [m] 1100
Weight [g] 685
Dimensions [mm] 90 x 265
Water Resistance IP67
Focus No
Shock Resistence 1
Feature Flashlight BLITZ LR11
Rechargeable battery
230V AC charger