Rechargeable High Power Flashlight BLITZ K3, 3000 lm

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time do 25 h

Light output [lm] 3000

Light source 1 × Cree™ XHP WHITE LED

Power 1 × 3.7V 5000 mAh Li-ion Accu

Charging time 9 h

Beam distance [m] 375

Weight [g] 449 g

Dimensions [mm] 62 × 172

Blitz K3 produces a perfect light beam at 3,000 lumens. The flashlight uses a single XHP White LED and an “orange peel” reflector to generate a uniform light beam, without a hot spot. This all-arounder has a maximum reach of 375 m. 5 operating modes (Turbo, High, Medium, Low and Flashing) for selecting power and operating time that best suit your needs. The flashing mode can be used, for example, to mark the user’s position. Blitz K3 can work up to 25 hrs in the low power mode. One of its biggest advantages is the high waterproofness, confirmed with the IP67 standard. Blitz K3 weighs only 449 g (with the battery) and is 62 x 172 mm in size. The flashlight is available with a rechargeable, replaceable battery. The charging time is 8 hours. The flashlight sports a battery charge indicator and a ring protecting it from accidental activation and deactivation.


Run time Turbo (3000 lm) - 1 h 30 min
High (1000 lm) - 3 h 30 min
Medium (500 lm) - 4 h
Low (100 lm) - 25 h
Flashing 8 Hz - 8 h
Light Output [lm] 3000
Type of Power Supply Rechargeable
Compatible Batteries 1 × 3.7V 5000 mAh Li-ion Accu
Charging time 6 h
Water Resistance IP67
Weight [g] 449
Dimensions [mm] 62 × 172
Feature Flashlight BLITZ K3
Rechargeable battery
230V AC charger