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Rechargeable searchlight LED 20 Watt, PATHFINDER, 1600 lm

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time 4 h

Light output [lm] 1600

Light source Cree 20W

Power 7.4V 7000 mAh

Beam distance [m] 500

Weight [g] 2020

Dimensions [mm] 360 × 225 × 243

With a craftily calibrated prefocused lens, the Pathfinder takes full advantage of the reliable Cree™ 20W LED in delivering optimal breadth and depth of the searchlight’s impressive 1600 lumens. The powerful 7000 mAh battery, with dual recharging options, does double duty; powering the searchlight at 100% for 4 hours or 12 hours at a bright 800 lms and keeping your USB devices fully charged when you’re off the grid with a 2-port power bank. An ergonomic grip and comfortable shoulder strap enhance portability with adjustable, stable feet quickly positioning the light for maximum coverage of your worksite. Whatever your portable lighting needs, the rugged Pathfinder blazes new trails for quality, performance and price.



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