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Set for runers FREEQ + Reflective band JOGG

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Run time do 78 h

Light output [lm] 140

Light source LG 3W Gen2 LED

Power 3.7V 600mAh

Beam distance [m] 68

Weight [g] 77

Dimensions [mm] 31 x 68 x 28

It was with fans of the great outdoors in mind that we created the new designer headlamp FREEQ, which stands out with its unique colours. Not only is it shock- and fall-resistant, but the headlamp is also extremely lightweight (77 grams), so much so that you will hardly notice it’s on your head as you’re running to set your personal best. The lamp provides up to 140 lumens from the front LED, working at maximum capacity for almost 7 hours, while the 90-degree adjustable angle head makes sure that light always falls in the desired direction. FREEQ also has red rear LEDs that will make your presence known to those left behind you for as long as 11 hours at full power. The headlamp remembers the last setting you used, and the battery charge indicator reminds you to recharge before your next great expedition. A stylish companion on the way to an unforgettable adventure.


Czas pracy 100% [140 LM] - 6 h 50 min
50% [70 LM] - 11 h 35 min
10 % [14 LM] - 36 h 10 min
3 % [4 LM] - 78 h
Czerwony LED 100% - 23 h
Czerwony LED Migający - 50 h
Tylny Czerwony LED 100% - 11 h
Tylny Czerwony LED Migający - 29 h
Moc światła [lm] 140 - zgodne z normą ANSI
Intensywność światła [candele] 1 180
Źródło światła LG™ 3W Gen2 LED + 2 × 3mm Czerwony LED
Zasięg światła [m] 68
Rodzaj zasilania Akumulatorowe
Zasilanie 1 × Akumulator 14430, Li-ion, 3.7V 600mAh
Waga [g] 77
Wymiary [mm] Głowica: 31 × 68 × 28, zasobnik: 30 × 87 × 29
Odporność na upadki [m] 2
Fokus Nie
Port ładowania MicroUSB
Dodatkowe właściwości Zapamiętywanie ostatniego trybu pracy
Wskaźnik poziomu baterii
Wskaźnik naładowania baterii
Głowica regulowana 90 stopni
Tylne światło ostrzegawcze w zasobniku baterii
Zestaw zawiera Latarka FREEQ
Przewód USB