Set of Six Signal Flares with Self-Synchronizing Function

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1 pc.

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Brand: Mactronic
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Run time do 80 h

Light output [lm] 30

Light source 12 x LED (30 lm) one disc

Charging time 10-12 h

Weight [g] 350 g one disc

Dimensions [mm] 125 x 40 mm

The X-Flare Signal Discs are a set of six rechargeable light flares enclosed in a durable, rubberized polymer housing. The flares are resistant to water and dust at the IP67 level, shock resistant from 5 meters, crushproof, and they float on the water – so this is equipment that will work in even the most demanding situations. The user can choose from 6 working modes and 3 colors. X-Flare markers have the function of automatic launch and synchronization - just take them out of the case and place them at the location, without the need to turn on and set the mode for each disc separately. The discs are equipped with mounting brackets and strong magnets for metal surfaces. A transport case is used to carry the whole set and is also a charging station. Mactronic X-Flare discs can be used for the safe marking of the landing site, traffic accident and in many different emergency situations.


Run time Pulse Flash (wave) - 15h
Single Blink - 80 h
Slow Flash - 30 h
Single quick flash - 60 h
Double slow flash - 36 h
Double quick flash - 38 h
Type of power supply Accumulator
Weigh [g] Disc - 350
Dimensions [mm] 125 x 40 mm
Extra Features: Magnet, Unsinkable, Disk sync, Crushproof
Set contains 6 x signal disc.
Set of 230 V and 12 V chargers.
Charging case 230V / 12V