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Rechargeable searchlight

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Run time

Light output [lm] 1600

Light source


Charging time

Beam distance [m]

Weight [g]

Dimensions [mm]

VANGUARD JML, a rechargeable searchlight featuring a 50W Cree™ XHP 50 LED rated at an impressive 1600 lm. The device can fully operate as a searchlight and comes with a rear amber emergency light, increasing the user’s safety, especially in traffic zones. The searchlight operates at full output for 3.5 hours and is equipped with a pistol grip.


Run Time 100% - 3 h 30 min
Orange LED 100% Flashing - 240 h
Light Output [lm] 1600
LED Cree™ XHP50 20W LED
Type of Power Supply Rechargeable
Compatible Batteries Customized lithium rechargeable battery 7,4V, 6600 mAh
Beam Distance [m] 800
Weight [g] 967
Dimensions [mm] 226 × 165 × 179
Water Resistance IPX4
Fokus Nie
Feature Searchlight
Charger 230 V & 12 V
Shoulder strap