Mactronic Group

MACTRONIC® GROUP is a Polish manufacturer that has been in business for more than 30 years. Since its inception, the company has relied on advanced solutions in the area of portable lighting. Thanks to family traditions, international experience and the knowledge of specialists, reliable, durable and efficient lighting equipment is created to guarantee the safety and comfort of users. The basis of the business is innovation and high quality standards. Each product design or more advanced lighting system solution is created on the basis of research and analysis in terms of potential customers. One of the company’s key departments is the design team, which develops patented technological solutions. More than 250,000 flashlights are supplied annually in Poland and abroad, and each of the more than 500 flashlights produced is perfectly tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Introducing modernity requires a strong foundation based on tradition and experience. Our continuous development allows us to shape pro-ducts that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers, which are, among others. military, police, fire and rescue services, meeting stringent quality requirements. Our team, are risk-ready individuals striving to redefine standards. Thanks to them, our products reach customers both in Poland and abroad. Our technology, backed by experience, opens new perspectives and creates modern solutions.


Quality is our Passion and Commitment. Every day, whether firefighters, uniformed service officers, military personnel or industrial workers, they are forging ahead in the difficult performance of their duties. They all share a common need – access to advanced equipment that facilitates high-precision tasks. At MACTRONIC®, we believe that quality is a fundamental characteristic of any tool. That’s why our passion is focused on finding and delivering solutions of the highest quality. Our customers, from firefighters to the military, know that our equipment is not only advanced, but above all worthy of their trust. It responds to the challenges our users face every day. What we do has a real impact on their success. Quality is Our Commitment.


Our comprehensive range of products is the result of a deep commitment to creating and providing you with solutions that are reliable, durable and of exceptional performance. For years, it is our products that have guaranteed customers’ safety. We act responsibly and with full commitment to respond effectively to the needs of our clients. Our dynamic response to their requirements is the foundation of our business. With all of this, we adhere to the principles of sustainable business to ensure that our operations have a positive impact not only on our customers, but also on the environment.


As our company grows, we are creating a work environment based on mutual respect and trust. These values not only connect our employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, but also create a bond with the surrounding society and the environment. Our attitude is based on openness to a wide variety of ideas and the active pursuit of a balanced approach. We constantly strive for diversity to create an atmosphere where innovation flourishes and our environmental impact is minimized.