DIY – how to choose lamps for a home workshop?

Creating an ergonomic space for a home workshop requires the use of not only the right arrangement of shelves and tools, but illumination of the work zone. In today’s guide we will give you tips on how to choose workshop lights for your home workshop and what to look for when choosing them. We will also recommend some good products that will work perfectly.

Why is workshop lighting so important?

The choice of lighting for the workshop is very important for comfort and convenience, but also for safety and precision. In fact, whether your home workshop is in a separate room or is part of the garage, you need to remember that you need to choose the right workshop lights, both main and spot lights. It is worth noting here that the color of the lighting must not tire the eyes. Of course, efficiency is important, as it largely translates into bills, hence the need to choose energy-saving bulbs. Let’s be honest, until recently most do-it-yourselfers or amateur auto repairers used traditional sodium fluorescent lamps or cheap incandescent bulbs in industrial fixtures. Unfortunately, their lifespan was short, and they consumed a lot of electricity. Modern workshop lamps guarantee longer operation and therefore lower costs.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing workshop lamps?

When choosing workshop lights, the main thing to pay attention to is their functionality. So they should be durable, resistant to damage, but also easy to clean. They must be resistant to increased humidity, as well as dirt like dust or dirt. Undoubtedly, it is worth choosing models with the highest waterproof rating – IP 68. Also note the IK symbol. This is the mechanical strength. It is calculated on a 10-point scale from 00 to 10, where 10 means maximum protection. It is known that heavy tools are often used at work, hence it is better to choose a product with a high coefficient of mechanical resistance. Don’t forget to choose the right light color, and here it’s best to go for a neutral or cold color. The former will tire your eyes less, while the latter will allow you to concentrate more on your work.

The best lamps – workshop lighting to suit your needs

More and more people are choosing to repair their car themselves. This allows you to save a lot, but it is also a kind of hobby that relieves stress, but also gives satisfaction. However, in order to make your home workshop comfortable, you need to make sure you have the right lighting. LED ceiling lights are certainly a must-have. You can opt for surface-mounted and pendant-mounted. Of course, LED linear fluorescent lamps or linear fixtures will also work. A lot of work requires a lot of precision, but it also involves repairing or replacing small parts, and this is where detailing flashlights will be perfect. It is an increasingly popular pastime for many car enthusiasts and ranges from washing, protecting the body from corrosion to painting, polishing or tuning. Pay attention here to the color rendering index, or CRI. This parameter shows how the light of the bulb faithfully reproduces the colors of the space. This factor has values from 0 to 100, where 100 means sunlight. Remember that if you are doing repairs, such as those related to painting, choosing the right CRI lamps is very important. The CRI factor should be 80 or higher. Also pay attention to the lighting of the work area, where first of all you need to choose neutral light that does not distort colors. Also, the lamps whose light falls on the workshop shelves should emit the same light. Ceiling lamps are also very important, but you need to know that they should be placed in several places, so that the home workshop does not create shadow zones and the entire space is perfectly illuminated. Of course, it should be remembered that lamps for painters are also handheld models, which are especially suitable when a thorough visual inspection is required before the work is done, as some scratches are only visible under the light. Therefore, in such a case, it is advisable to use a set consisting of a headlamp and a penlight.

What lighting products are indispensable for repair, painting and polishing work?

One of the must-haves is the CRI kit. It is a collection of four products that includes a floodlight, a headlamp, a workshop flashlight and a penlight. They all have a high CRI index. As a result, they perfectly reproduce true colors. It is also worth noting their durability, as well as the fact that with them you can do the most precise work, namely detailing. High CRI floodlighting is another great option for lovers of professional repairs, but also for those who are just beginning their adventure with detailing. It should be noted that it is really up to many tasks. What is also important is that it has several modes for adjusting lighting power, as well as color temperature. Its other advantage is that it can be placed in a position that is comfortable for you, as it has an adjustable arm. Popular workshop flashlights include the BEEMER Base. It is a large model equipped with a docking station, as well as a swivel hook and magnetic holder. Among CRI lamps, the recommended model is the Sunscan 5.2. It stands out for its exceptional precision, and is ergonomic. The manufacturer has provided it with a color temperature adjustment function. On top of that, it has a durable casing that is resistant to impacts, as well as falls. Thanks to its adjustable tilt angle, it can not only be adjusted, but also placed vertically. If you are going to make paint repairs, among the lamps for painters we can recommend the Sunscan 5.4 2000 lm floodlight. This model has adjustable lighting power, but also the color temperature itself. It is worth noting that you can illuminate really small parts with it, which means that it will work well for extremely precise work.