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Certified Ex-ATEX battery flashlight with magnetic switch and lockout function

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Code: PHH0012
Brand: Mactronic
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Run time 8 h

Light output [lm] 180 + 30

Light source Cree XP-G2

Power 4 × AA

Beam distance [m] 117

Weight [g] 240

Wymiar [mm] 172 × 47 × 47

Firefighters and professionals requiring reliable lighting to perform their courageous jobs in hazardous locations depend on the M-Fire 03 intrinsically safe (Ex ATEX) flashlight. To prevent sparks generated by an accidental opening, a screw secures the flashlight’s head. A built-in pressure valve releases heat, keeping the flashlight’s internal parts from dangerously overheating. Despite its helmet-friendly lightweight, the M-Fire 03 is shock, dust and water resistant boasting an IP68 ANSI rating. A magnetic switch easily engages the light’s 157 lms. A safety lock prevents battery drainage while in transport, ensuring the M-Fire 03’s 13-hour operation time is always available when needed.



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