Mactronic Dura Light – when a flashlight becomes a tool

Quoting from the PWN online dictionary of the Polish language, the definition of a flashlight is “a small battery-operated device that gives light.” What if we took it a step further and classified flashlights as tools as well? In addition to the hammer, screwdriver and angle grinder, there should always be a place for a decent light source, whether in a professional workshop, construction and industrial site, or at home. Have you ever needed a bright light during a renovation or demolition of a wall in the basement, but still it was a bit of a shame to destroy your favorite EDC headlamp during such a “dirty job”? It is with such applications in mind that the Mactronic Dura Light line of handheld flashlights was created. These flashlights are not glamorous, but after all, no one expects that from them. This is utility in its purest form. By the black and yellow housings, it is immediately clear that we are dealing with a product that hard work and conditions are not afraid of. At first glance, the flashlights in the series may seem very similar to each other, but as in life – the devil is in the details here, too.

Dura Light 2.1

Let’s take the Dura Light 2.1 first, which is an inconspicuous device weighing just 176 grams that offers a robust 800 lumens of light with 250 meters of effective range. The flashlight is powered by two classic AA sticks on which it can run for up to 10 hours. The flashlight is not intimidated by bumps, shocks and temperature spikes – its housing is made of durable polymer plastic, hence it can calmly withstand a fall from 1.2 meters. The Dura Light 2.1 also survives immersion in water thanks to its high IPX7 protection rating. In an emergency situation, we can also break the glass with it, as it has been equipped with a special glass breaker.

Dura Light 2.2

The Dura Light 2.2 industrial flashlight may have fewer lumens than its predecessor (i.e., 400), but instead it is distinguished by an additional COB LED panel in white and red located on the side. When the flashlight is placed on a flat surface, with the side light fired, it can act as a beacon/warning marker that will be clearly visible from greater distances, and will last up to 30 hours of illumination in flashing mode. The power supply here, too, is battery operated (3 x AA), while of interest here we find a folding metal hook, as well as a magnet for attaching the lamp in non-standard positions.

Dura Light 2.3

The Dura Light 2.3 handheld flashlight is a model similar in performance to the 2.1 version, packaged in a slightly more compact case. However, be warned, the main difference here is the method of power supply! Instead of AA batteries, a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery is used, which you charge with the included USB cable. Interestingly, the lamp also has a USB output socket, so it can act as a powerbank for emergency charging of a smartphone and other smaller devices, which can sometimes save us a work situation. Other features of the Dura Light remain unchanged – durable polymer housing, sharply pointed glass drift, IPX7 water resistance, strobe mode.

Dura Light 920

The 920 is the flagship model of the Dura Light family, a nearly indestructible flashlight that is resistant to water, mud, drops and harsh weather conditions. The Cree™ XM-L2 LED, generates a focused, highly effective beam of light with a maximum range of 300 meters and a brightness of 920 lumens in Boost mode. The degree of protection against the elements is a real extraordinaire – IP68 means 100% protection against the ingress of dust and against the effects of continuous immersion in water above one meter. The rubberized handle guarantees a firm grip even with a dirty hand or a thick work glove. Dura Light 920 is a rechargeable flashlight, equipped with a 2500 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, but when needed we can successfully replace it with a set of 4 popular AA-type batteries.

Dura Tool

The icing on the cake of the entire Dura Light series is a lamp called Dura Tool. This is a very handy and interesting-looking workshop flashlight, whose COB LED panel emits a bright and evenly dispersed 110 lumens of light. The red LED acts as an additional emergency/signaling light in three modes: steady, flashing and SOS. You charge it via USB, and the multifunctional head allows you to use the device in several ways. A fold-out stand allows the lamp to be placed on a flat surface, a hook to suspend it, and a strong magnet to attach it to a metal surface. Thanks to the clip, we can also carry the flashlight directly on our work clothes – attaching it to the edge of a jacket or pants pocket.

Mactronic Dura Light – specialists in dirty work

Yes, it is especially in extreme working conditions that Dura Light 2.2 series industrial flashlights will best show their qualities, which are high resistance to external factors, reliability and exceptional ease of use. This is a piece of equipment that is not afraid of getting dirty or battered, and will not be intimidated by working in even the most hostile environment.