Searchlight – something more than a flashlight?

When talking about searchlights, a much more accurate term than “flashlight” would be to use the word “searchlight.” Today’s searchlights are no longer just heavy, stationary lights mounted on combat and rescue vehicles, but lightweight and effective hand-held LED headlamps with robust performance. Their qualities are used for daily work by emergency services, uniformed services, industrial and construction workers. A good piece of equipment of this type should offer a powerful and wide beam of light suitable for “scouting,” i.e. combing the terrain, long operating time on a single charge, and have a convenient pistol grip that allows you to comfortably direct the light to the desired area. All these features are fulfilled by Mactronic portable searchlights, so it is definitely worth reaching for one of them.

LED searchlights in Mactronic’s offer

Constantly developing their offer and trying to meet different groups of customers with their assortment, the Mactronic brand has also included in its permanent catalog several models of interesting led searchlights. Let’s take a slightly closer look at two models: Vanguard and X-Pistol Gen2.

Mactronic Vanguard JML portable multi-purpose headlamp

Vanguard is a representative of the Industrial & Workshop product line, but let’s not suggest this name too strongly – this is a model of an extremely versatile and affordable searchlight that will find its place both in professional use and in a home garage or tool stash. Its large-diameter lens, along with a 20W Cree™ XHP50 LED, are capable of generating as much as 1,600 lumens of light with a range of up to 800 meters. Such parameters make the equipment perform well in the open. Importantly, it’s a rechargeable searchlight, so we don’t need to carry several pounds of batteries for backup, just remember to charge it regularly. The built-in Li-Ion 7.4 cell set with a capacity of 6600 mAh will allow 3.5 hours of operation in maximum mode, which is quite a lot.

On the back of the case there is a sizable red auxiliary light, whose flashing mode will give us visibility from many meters for up to 240 hours. This is a very useful feature in situations where you are illuminating a work area or accident scene for yourself, when properly signaling your position is crucial for safety. If we will be carrying the Vanguard in the trunk of the car we will certainly appreciate the presence in the kit of a 12V charging cable, which allows us to charge the device using the “cigarette lighter” socket, still popular in many vehicles.

X-Pistol Gen2 – the second generation of the proven light thrower

While the Vanguard is a very versatile piece of equipment that everyone will be able to use on a daily basis, the X-Pistol searchlight is already a more specialized piece of equipment. As the name suggests – this is the second, improved and enhanced generation of the well-known and popular X-Pistol RC model. Mactronic lighting has been eagerly used and tested by professionals since the brand’s inception. Thanks to the experience and comments gathered, it was decided to raise the amount of light emitted to 1,500 lumens and a range of up to 530 meters. The focus function, or focusing of the light stream, allows you to bring distant objects or large volumes out of the darkness by being able to smoothly adjust the focus of the light. The body of this lamp is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, and the IPX6 waterproof certification guarantees protection from pressurized water jets. The X-Pistol can also withstand a fall from 1 meter, powered by a built-in 5400 mAh lithium-ion battery. In addition to the three light intensity options, a flashing mode with a long operating time of 10 hours is also included. One of the unquestionable advantages that distinguishes the X-Pistol Gen2 headlamp from competing models is the fold-out pistol grip, which we can set in several positions and thus ensure the optimal grip angle