Specialized lighting in detailing salons

While the perfect condition of a car on display in a showroom surprises no one, a perfect-looking vehicle in a dealership prompts some reflection. This begs the question, who took such effective care of the car during standard operation?
Probably no one. Only professional detailing companies are able to perform miracles, turning often age-old machines into shiny and fragrant wonders that inspire understandable desire. However, in order to remove any imperfections, they must first be seen. For this reason, specialized lighting in detailing salons is essential, as will be discussed in the following article.

Detailing, lighting

What is detailing anyway? The simplest way to put it would be to say that it is a vehicle care and protection procedure. However, there is a complicated process involved, often taking several days or even weeks. This is the time necessary to undergo renovation of every element, even the smallest. A huge role in this is played by correctly selected workshop lamps. How else do you identify the correct paint tone? Using a floodlight with a high CRI, providing warm and cold light options, seems to be the only effective way to restore the splendor of the original color palette. With a convenient stand, the floodlight can be placed anywhere, directing the light source to a specific surgical field.

It will certainly not be an exaggeration to compare detailing to the work of restorers, including with regard to new vehicles.

Transporting cars naturally must result in at least minimal marks from abrasions, being pinned down with stabilizing belts or even being hit by small pebbles escaping from under the wheels of other road users.

In such a situation, a thorough vetting of the vehicle’s condition is essential.

A professional will check every nook and cranny, and a high CRI penlight will help. Due to its small size, the device can be inserted almost anywhere, illuminating even hard-to-reach places. The detailing flashlights have special hooks to prevent them from being lost or dropped.
Out of journalistic duty, it falls to recall what are CRI (color rendering index) lamps ?

These are light-emitting devices, the index of which is expressed by a number between 0 and 100. The higher this indicator is, the better the color rendering of the item undergoing restoration. In short, lamps and workshop lighting meeting all the requirements of suitability for plants in this industry, should show the highest possible color rendering index.

Lamps for painters

Of course, detailing is concerned with all aspects that enhance the aesthetics of new and used vehicles, but paint work requires the most precision. Not only in terms of whole coatings. Often, a professional has to find small splinters in the most surprising places. For this purpose, workshop flashlights will be necessary, also showing adequate saturation. We are talking about the inspection workshop flashlight, equipped with a convenient base, which is also a power consumption module.

If you need to free your hands, you can use a headlamp with a warm CRI light. It is indeed difficult to imagine maintenance work inside the car while holding the lighting equipment in hand. In addition, many activities are performed while lying down, an extremely uncomfortable and tiring position. It is in the interest of the service provider to reduce the number of accessories used in the work to the minimum necessary.

One thing that is not in doubt in this industry is that proper lighting of the workplace has a huge impact on the quality of the services performed. This is equally true of detailing work done as a hobbyist, in-house.

Questions that require professional consultation should not go unanswered. Those interested in purchasing lighting accessories for detailing workshops, and specialty stores can use the contact form, through which you will get the opportunity for free technical advice related to the products you are looking for.