Survival Must Have – flashlights for survivalism

More and more outdoor enthusiasts are choosing survivalism. Being out in nature is undoubtedly a pleasure, both during the day and at night. However, every survivalist must have gadgets that will make it easier to survive in the forest wilderness, which means, first and foremost, good quality survival flashlights. In today’s guide you will learn what types you have to choose from and which ones might be useful to you.

Survival for the less seasoned in battles

Recently, a very popular form of survivalism has become bushcraft, which is a kind of return to its roots. Here one communes with nature without the accompanying acquisitions of new civilization, so all technological innovations are excluded, whether powerbanks or flashlights for survival, after all, they require the use of batteries or rechargeable batteries. Bushcraft uses traditional methods of lighting a fire using a flint, and Google won’t tell us geographic coordinates. However, the less seasoned may opt for a more civilized form of survivalism, after all, just being away from the hustle and bustle of the city for some is already a challenge. So for them, we present flashlights that will be an absolute must have.

Types of flashlights for survivalism

Among the store’s offerings for outdoor enthusiasts is the Cyclope II multifunctional headlamp. You can opt for a model with a light output of 600 lumens. Such a flashlight provides very bright vision up to 90 meters. This allows you to assess what’s going on in the area, and makes it easier to move around in the dark or make simple repairs at night. Of course, the belt attachment allows such a flashlight to be worn stably on the head. This gives you the best field of vision.

If you’re going to be on the lookout for animals during a survival trip, a tactical flashlight will also come in handy. Hunters can mount it on their weapons, but if you are a proponent of no-kill survivalism, you will also find it useful. Of course, in such a situation you need to take provisions with you, or eat what you find in the forest, so soup made of nettles, sorrel or cooked mushrooms. Of course, in the case of the latter, you need to be familiar with them. The flashlight will help in their search at dawn, as well as in spotting what happens in the forest after dark. The tactical model can have up to 200 meters of light output range. A flashlight with 1000 lumens will work well. This kind, like the multifunctional headlamp, requires charging the built-in battery. So, you can’t forget to take a charged powerbank with you, after all, you won’t find an electrical outlet in the forest. Such a flashlight also comes with a USB cable, so possibly you can also charge it using another device with a lithium-ion battery, such as a smartphone. In the case of tactical, but also the leading ones, you will find models with universal power supply, so you can use traditional batteries and take a spare or chargers. In doing so, you must always verify that the model in question is indeed prepared for two types of power supply. A handheld flashlight will also work well for some activities. We recommend a model with a light output of 135 lumens, which gives a range of up to 100 meters. The advantage of such a flashlight is its low weight, compact size and, moreover, powered by a classic AA battery.