Which headlamp model to choose in 2022. News Review.

Many situations and activities require the provision of adequate lighting, which you need to provide yourself. Unfortunately, popular flashlights require you to hold them in your hand, which is uncomfortable or prevents you from working. Placing them next to each other, on the other hand, will not be possible in every situation. A great solution to this problem is head flashlights. What are these small and practical devices, what is their functionality, application and which model to choose?

What is a headlamp?

A headlamp, or head flashlight, is a very convenient and practical source of light that does not need to be held in the hand, since it is worn on the head. Therefore, it is often chosen by climbers, hikers, cyclists, runners and lovers of outdoor activities (hence the name outdoor headlamp). There are many models of headlamps available on the market. However, a few of them deserve special attention because of their performance, quality and price.

Where does a head flashlight find use?

Head flashlights are also used wherever both hands are needed and light is sometimes scarce. This is great when repairing hard-to-reach items or searching for various items in places such as the attic or basement. The use of a headlamp guarantees access to a powerful light source exactly where it is needed. Thanks to its placement on the head, you can successfully illuminate precisely the area requiring it without the risk of the flashlight slipping, or falling into a hard-to-reach crevice. Such a solution ensures visibility of ourselves and safety. And the small size will allow you to take this accessory anywhere.

A good bushcraft headlamp. Which one to choose?

Bushcraft combined with survivalism is a very popular form of spending time in the wild. An undeniably important item on the equipment list will be a suitable headlamp. A near-perfect model for such an adventure is the Blazer headlamp flashlight with cold light, warm light and red light, shining with a diffuse beam that is harder for the animal eye to see. However, it allows to illuminate the nearest space. Blazer bushcraft headlamp has a manual intensity control, so you can adjust the intensity of the light to suit your needs and the situation. The flashlight is powered by one AA battery, which allows continuous operation at the highest light intensity for up to 3 hours. At the lowest brightness level, on the other hand, it is 56 hours. The range of the headlamp is 94 meters. The model is lightweight (73 g) and has been equipped with an additional clip that allows the flashlight to be attached, for example, to a baseball cap.

Hiking, military, survival – TUNDRA headlamp flashlight

The Tundra outdoor headlamp is designed for lovers of demanding and long hiking trails, military and survival outings. Three types of light are available: white, red, and green, the latter two of which are much harder for humans and animals to see, while still allowing some illumination of the immediate surroundings. The Tundra head flashlight is extremely handy and compact. In low-power green light mode, it is capable of continuous operation for up to 72 hours. The model is powered by a single AAA battery and, like the previous headlamp, weighs only 73 grams. The headlamp is equipped with an on/off switch lock, which prevents accidental activation of the flashlight or unnecessary loss of energy. It also remembers the last of the settings, so it is possible to react quickly if the need arises.

BASE CAMP running headlamp – rechargeable flashlight

Among the most popular headlamps for running was the BASE CAMP rechargeable flashlight. This model is distinguished by its exceptionally broad purpose and the use of Dual Source System technology. This makes it possible to power it with both AAA batteries and the included rechargeable batteries. Operating time is as much as 287 hours (with white light and battery use). The BASE CAMP head flashlight gives you the option of white and red light illumination. It will be great for runners as well as lovers of bushcamp and climbing sports. The model also stands out for its exceptionally long range. It is up to 155 meters, making this headlamp an extremely competitive product, definitely worth buying.