Why so Sirius? – New EDC & Bushcraft flashlights from Mactronic

This season, not one, but as many as three Mactronic novelties have added to the EDC & Bushcraft product line. Under the common name Sirius are handy, powerful (from 1,000 lumens upwards) and very durable flashlights, which we will be able to carry with us every day on the way to work, to school, or on an evening walk with the dog as a so-called “flashlight”. Equipment Every Day Carry. On the other hand, when the longed-for weekend comes, successfully take them to a forest camping, mountain hike or campfire with friends. In all these situations, it is worth ensuring that you are properly equipped – experience teaches that in life it is worth being ready for any possible scenario.

Mactronic Sirius – what are the characteristics of this series?

The feature immediately striking to the eye is the color of the new Sirius. Never before seen in the Mactronic catalog, and not so common in the entire flashlight market coyote brown, gives the Sirius series a specific survival-military flavor. A black flashlight can be had by anyone, but one like this? It is immediately clear that its owner is a true adventurer.

What other common denominators can we find in the three new Sirius flashlights?

– Material of workmanship: the flashlights’ housings are made of aircraft-grade aluminum subjected to a three-stage anodizing process and additionally protected with an anti-abrasion coating.

– High durability: the aluminum body is one thing, but the durability of Sirius flashlights is also evidenced by the very compact and well-fitted construction – here, for good measure, no component can be loosened, lost or broken. The flashlights can calmly withstand an accidental drop onto a hard surface from a height of 1 meter, and all meet water and dust protection standards.

– Magnetic charging port: classic micro-USB or USB-C connectors are prone to contamination, here we find a magnetic charging port with the help of which we can connect the lamp to a socket or powerbank in a few seconds – the plug literally pops into place by itself. The charging port is located on the case, so we don’t have to take the battery out of the center to charge it.

– Magnet in the case: a magnet is built into the back of the case, which is also the battery cap, to attach the flashlight to a metal surface.

– Switch lock: the worst thing that can happen to a flashlight carried loose in a kidney or backpack is accidental firing and discharging the battery. Then it is worth remembering to activate the locking mechanism, with which Sirius is equipped – just hold down the switch for 4 seconds. Successful locking the diode will signal with a blink.

– Attachment clip: as befits an EDC light, each of the new Sirius models has a spring-loaded steel clip for attaching the flashlight to the edge of a pants pocket or inside an organizer.

Let’s now take a look at each model separately, as each Sirius has its own specifics and differs not only in luminescence parameters, but also in purpose, so that each recipient can choose the perfect flashlight for their needs.

Sirius M10

The Mactronic Sirius M10 is a tiny thing that weighs just 44 and a half grams with a battery, and its dimensions are not much different from a cigarette lighter. Its heart is the CREE XP-L HI LED, which allows us to fire off a light output of as much as 1,000 lumens and a range of 100 meters, which is really impressive for such a tiny flashlight. There are five modes to choose from here, including a strobe function. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which will charge to full in as little as 1.5 hours using a magnetic USB cable. IPX8 waterproofing level means resistance to continuous immersion in water more than 1 meter deep. The Sirius M10 shines perfectly and is so small that we can stay out of the way. It will find its place just as well in a pants pocket as in a woman’s purse.

Sirius T25

The T25 is the most powerful flashlight in the Sirius series. Although nearly twice the size of the M10 it still remains a very compact flashlight, which is extremely important in EDC applications. Larger size means much more power, as in the highest mode the Mactronic T25 generates up to 2,500 lumens of light that will illuminate the area at a distance of up to 360 meters. Not bad, right? In addition, we have dust and water resistance at a high IP68 level and a capacious 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. In the highest mode it will allow nearly 3 hours of continuous illumination, but believe it – you will rarely need such a strong stream. The Sirius T25 is a handheld flashlight you can always rely on, something that should be in an emergency escape bag tucked away in a closet in case the world ends.

Sirius H12

The Mactronic Sirius H12, on the other hand, is an interesting hybrid of a handheld angle flashlight and a headlamp. This solution has become very fond of bushcraft and exploration enthusiasts, and it is for them that this lamp is dedicated. The LED used here emits light with a maximum flux power of 1,200 lumens, which can bring the area out of darkness at a distance of 115 meters. The flashlight is powered by a 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery, which on a full charge guarantees up to 28 hours of continuous illumination, and in the still useful 10% mode. The case is lightweight (only 83 grams) and rugged, with an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. A carrying strap with an additional cross strap will ensure a stable attachment on the head, and if you want to turn the headlamp into a handheld flashlight it will take just a few seconds. Sirius H12 It’s a model that combines the benefits of a hiking headlamp, a compact Every Day Carry flashlight and an angled camping flashlight, so instead of three separate light sources, just throw the Sirius H12 into your backpack and you’ll be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Sirius series

We hope that the above summary has helped you at least a little in deciding on the perfect flashlight for EDC and bushcraft. The ideas behind Everyday Gear are invariably the same – the equipment is supposed to be simple, effective, lightweight and trustworthy like a knight pendent. You can carry such a light source in your backpack for a long time unused and completely forget about it, but if you do need to use it, everything here must play (or rather, light up) like a Swiss watch. And that’s exactly what Mactronic Sirius flashlights are.

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